About Us

The real north woods
Our very first venture opened in 1996 in a cabin overlooking
Deer Lake in Itasca County, Minnesota.    Originally a joint
venture with Data-Train, Virtual North Woods went from
an after-hours adventure to a real day job.

We love it when we can exceed our customers expectations.


We love what we do, in part because we just don't take jobs we wouldn't love to do. Money is only part of our motivation!  While we like to eat, we also like to love what we do.

We listen to what you want and then we tell you whether or not we can do it and what it will cost.  

Seasonally you'll find us here or there.   The internet gives us physical freedom while keeping us in touch with our clients regardless of whether we are north or south.    The cell phone number works most of the places we go.  If not, it takes a message.

Our Team

  • Jill Johnson Co Founder
  • Webmaster
    Jill Johnson Webmaster
  • Veterinarian
    Jill Johnson Veterinarian
  • Dancer
    Jill Johnson Dancer
  • Photographer
    Jill Johnson Photographer